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A lot of photographers struggle with their business. They don't know what to focus on, and they're unsure how to get more clients in the door.

Hi, I'm Lincoln Barbour, a commercial photographer turned photo business coach. I started Photo Authentic to become the best place online for commercial photographers to learn how to build better businesses

I have been a commercial photographer since 2002, so I understand your struggles and frustrations. My goal is to help you get out of these ruts, fix your problems, and grow your business!

Join Photo Authentic and you will get full access to me via online coaching and our semi-monthly live Q&A calls. You will also get full access to the Resource Library, Photo Business Courses, and a Private Members Only Forum of like-minded photographers.

Lincoln Barbour



"Entering the commercial photo world as a young emerging photographer can be a scary experience. There is no one path to achieve a career in this field, but the most difficult part can be finding individuals to mentor and assure you that you're on the right path. Photo Authentic has given me a place to reach out to an experienced individual who provides applicable feedback for me as I progress through my career."

Aaron Wagoner -

"You're very open and honest about how you work, how you charge, and how you think I should be charging based on my skills and work. I'm feeling a lot more confident when I quote licensing fees. "

Vivian Johnson -

vivian johnson
Quentin Penn-Hollar

"Utilizing the strategies outlined in PA's Path to Pro, and working through some of my problems and questions with Lincoln in the one-to-one coaching has helped give me a clearer vision of what I need to be doing to improve my marketing, and sustain success. It's also great to have someone super successful in my field that I can bounce random questions off of and not feel like I'm bugging them. "

Quentin Penn-Hollar -

"A few years into my career as a commercial photographer, at a time when I was becoming disillusioned with some of the more popular, nationally touted marketing tools, Lincoln offered exceptional insight into how to go about growing new and maximizing existing business. He whipped me up an exceptional portfolio edit, too!"

Kieran Wagner -


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