Path to Pro


After 20 years of being a professional commercial photographer, Lincoln Barbour has distilled everything he knows about running a world-class commercial photography business into a single master course called Path to Pro. 

Take this course today to get a jumpstart on your photography career.



To make 6-figures as a commercial photographer you need to put down your camera and focus on your business. 

This course can help you get there.

If you’re a photographer but have never run a business, it can feel scary and confusing on how to do it right. How do you market your portfolio? How do you find clients and get them to hire you? AND when you get a client, how do you deliver a world-class experience to keep them coming back?

What You’ll Learn in Path to Pro

  1. How to have the right mindset to work for yourself and be proactive
  2. How to achieve your goals by breaking them down into simple easy steps
  3. The technical details of your Photography Business Setup including Niche, Framing, and Legal Structure
  4. You’ll learn a powerful grasp of understanding the 4 Systems of a Photography Business: Marketing, Sales, Delivery, and Admin
  5. A comprehensive explanation of marketing your work and the 5 key areas to focus your efforts on
  6. Gain confidence about selling by learning how to solve your clients’ problems not by selling yourself
  7. How to write industry-standard estimates
  8. A complete picture of how to deliver a photoshoot from Pre-Production to Post-Production
  9. Plus everything you’ll need to do to run your business besides just taking pictures

What’s Inside

5 Hours of easy-to-digest Video Modules covering everything you need to know about being a professional commercial photographer.

  • Module 1 – The Photographer’s Mindset (27 min)
  • Module 2 – Goal Setting (19 min)
  • Module 3 – Photo Business Setup (46 min)
  • Module 4 – The Four Business Systems (27 min)
  • Module 5 – Marketing for Photographers (1 hour 12min)
  • Module 6 – Sales for Photographers (44 min)
  • Module 7 – Deliver a Photoshoot (27 min)
  • Module 8 – Admin – The Business Side (33 min)

Plus, each module comes with a set of Action Items and Support Materials to further your photo business skills training.

How it Works

  1. Purchase the Course in the Photo Authentic Shop
  2. Receive your login information by email
  3. Start the Course Right Away and track your progress

About Your Instructor

Lincoln Barbour is an award-winning, internationally published commercial photographer based in Portland, OR. He has over 20 years of experience and has shot for brands such as Hunter Douglas, Hilton, Rejuvenation, Nike, Nature’s Way, and published in magazines such as Dwell, Better Homes & Gardens, Country Living, and Family Circle. Visit to learn more and see his portfolio.


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